Friday, 7 March 2014

Balance to bliss

Amidst the chaos of daily life, it is becoming increasingly difficult for most to stay focused and maintain what is called homeostasis, an equilibrium where the mind consciously reacts with apt responses to the stimulus’ it receives. During my wellness sessions with most clients, it is coming out stark that clutter is impacting our ability to sort the cues and address them with befitting response. Even school children appear to be managing it relatively better while matching the tables.
It is common sight to observe people carrying sad faces during a social event, smiling in solitude, acting impersonal among old friends, behaving erratically while with family, or overlapping between personal and professional boundaries. This is nothing but unregulated state of mind causing havoc in our behaviour. This call for immediate attention and help, as, it impacts our wellness directly and therefore our acceptability within the professional and social environment. This is commonly seen in the both professional and family spheres, and even adolescents are falling prey to this fast. Before this becomes malice and one is forced to change ‘outside in’, it is important to take cognizance of it and begin with positive mindset to seek professional help to bring about a constructive change and, take sure and determined steps to rewrite one’s wellness story.
The state of homeostasis can be developed and maintained, like any well programmed computer that knows the standard set of responses, the only difference being that human beings require high rational-emotional balance that needs to be attained with consciousness and practice in a dynamic environment. It is imperative that each one of us must recognize and build awareness of the fact that we need to learn to regulate our states of mind in order to be successful individuals, experience our internal wellness and feel the harmony with the inner self.

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