Saturday, 8 March 2014

Intuition - Your friend for life

Listened to your heart ever? In situations of distress, while making choice between alternatives, or predicting the outcome with non data driven or non logic situations?
Most people respond with their indifference or ignorance to the question. Science does not vet it as it is not rationality/logic based. With the advancement of science and technology, most of us have moved to a binary mode with logical reasoning for our daily decisions. Negligible number of people use their instinct to get an inner sense as the basis for taking step forward.
The fact though is, that most successful entrepreneurs have heard their inner voice, most professionals who succeeded made use of their intuitive sense supported by data and logic, most of those who manage non data situations like people management use their intuitive skills most successfully. This is the voice that comes from within and guides you through situations. As human beings, all of us have intuition as a supernatural skill, and though there is little evidence to support, females have higher intuitive sense. It is only that it is like a muscle, which unless used frequently, remains subdued.
It is possible to develop the intuition that is part of our being and there are techniques to develop it. Even those who believe in logic, can support information with intuition and get wonderful results. So next time you need to aid your decision making, foresee an outcome of a choice intended to be made , listen to yourself with focus and sincerity. More often than not, you will get answers to most questions from your best friend within you, your intuition.

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