Tuesday, 8 April 2014

The Business of busyness

How many minutes since many of us did not have a look at our cell phones in anticipation of a text or missed call, and if nothing, just flirting around with an app or two. Information around us is now desired to be consumed even before it is generated, and we expect to see something springing up as we swap channels on TV screens or our mailboxes. Most feel restless if they are away from cell phone network and mobile/computer screens.
Contemporary times are speeding up lifestyle by the day and the artificial connectivity is beginning to determine success and security for people. Productivity is percieved to be gadget dependent.  Social settings are undergoing change and it is frequent to see members of families stuck on screens than communicating at ease. Relationships are turning virtual and seem strong as long as they are wired. People travelling more or sometimes just appearing to be too occupied is in vogue. Those who are not, are seen as slow or getting out of the race, that, I call, rat race. Assigning a reason to miss a social occasion takes bandwidth and energy, yet managed efficiently by those who want to skip it to appear having paucity of time.
It is important to be efficient but not getting lives driven by technology and social trends. One of the clients I coach still operates most efficiently without a screen for last 20 years and feels much happier that way. His sense for work life balance is immaculate and he still manages to find time for what he desires to do. I strongly believe that it is important to be busy with real business and not with apparent busyness for the sake of seeming busy.

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