Monday, 7 July 2014

Resolving inner conflicts

It is not uncommon to have dysfunctional conflicts that cause internal stress and erode decision making. Most of those who have clear goal are less likely to have them while those without them, frequent such occasions. It is however natural to have multiple choices and paths to choose from in today’s world when most of us chase a moving target, and need to find ways to deal with, and manage them more effectively. Here are a few ways to resolve inner conflicts:
1.       Having a long term goal in place: Having a larger perspective of the end result can help step over smaller distractions that allure us for choices different than the longer course. One that helps in the longer run may seem like a good choice.
2.       Focussing on the large impact items: Identification of the choices may need to be logically based on larger/longer lasting impact to the end result. The ones that positively impact the most, is likely most efficient resolution.
3.       Cost of alternatives: Each conflict has to end with a choice of one alternative, and always has an opportunity cost attached to the alternative not chosen. Considering these may improve resolution. It may be important to ponder over the potential damage caused by procrastinating or not resolving the conflict.
4.       Time the resolution: Most alternative choices will come with a time value attached. A chosen alternative may be excellent today but may lose its relevance, impact of significance over time. It is important to reach resolution faster than we think. Contrarily, some resolutions that are premature may be withheld till such time that they become well thought of.
5.       Prioritising resolution areas: Some conflicts are not to be lived with, while some can wait. A conflict resolution on health or family relationships needs to be attended to immediately, while a purchase decision can wait for a while.
As one approaches resolution, it is good to be your own self and be prepared to live with the call. This helps prevent the possibility of any post resolution regret or revisit. More often than not, those who master the art of conflict resolution are likely to have a happier, richer, fulfilling and more contented life.

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