Sunday, 24 August 2014

A dozen reasons to hire a coach

I have always propagated that coaching cannot be bought or sold. It's an experience one has to undergo and find his own purpose for hiring a coach. Here are a dozen tell tale signs when one may like to connect with a professional coach.

1.       Have a desire, or a goal you very strongly feel about achieving.
2.       Find it difficult to get along with people around you or vice versa.
3.       Confused about the goal or feeling like achieving an alternative low hanging one.
4.       Feeling negative, unconfident, doubtful about yourself at critical moments.
5.       The momentum towards the goal is slowing down with time.
6.       Feel unsecured about bouncing off your views to someone.
7.       Deep down, feel like you can, but strange, undefined feelings keep you from moving.
8.       Have a history of making resolutions and giving up mid way.
9.       Feel like doing multiple things at a time and experiencing limited upsides.
10.    Unable to see the holistic view of your life on social, emotional, family, professional, financial and spiritual aspects, and feel one or more is experiencing turbulence.
11.    Achieved success but unexplained fear keeps you from being at peace.
12.    Procrastinating on big, necessary, inevitable, life changing decisions.

These are profession agnostic signs and anyone irrespective may feel the need for their own turning point in life. Knowing that right decisions on direction have a time value and compounding effect, it may be a good idea, not to wait and seek assistance from a professional. It is only when the desire, goal, action and integrity congregate, lasting coach and coachee relationships happen and immense value created.

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