Wednesday, 20 August 2014

Knowing to say ‘NO’

For some belief systems, and some fears, most people do not possess the skill to say NO to things that they do not like to agree or do. Most recently I discovered during an interaction that nearly 8 out of nine people at a social engagement responded likewise when i asked them why they cannot stand tall and disagree or say NO. Many of these also had a negative connotation of this skill while it may not be essentially true.
The most common reason assigned was fear of rejection, spoiling relationships and/or loss of business. Strangely, majority of them had success stories of the past when the best decisions of their lives happened when they stood brave and stuck to their ground.
It is an irony that holding back just procrastinates the action and keeps people stressful till resolution happens. It may be therefore imminent to learn the skill to assert at the times when required and be ready and able to say NO. This art helps and enables people focus and choose priorities and reduce, reschedule tasks that may be lower on importance, resulting into maximum impact.

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