Friday, 29 August 2014

Success – What does it mean to you

Everybody in life wants to be a success. Success, no matter what it may connote to you or me, by and large results in more happiness, more fulfilment, rewards, money and the like. There is no one definition of success. It means different things to different people. One person’s definition may be totally different to another’s.
Your definition of what success actually is can change as well. One thing that is common amongst everyone is that everyone wants to be a success and nothing in life is better than success! Just take time out and think what success actually means to you.
Write your definition of what success is in the space below or on a piece of paper. Do not carry on reading this until you have done so.

Just write down..
Write down..
Write down..
Write down... before you proceed further

If you haven’t filled in the above space do it now! Don’t cheat yourself! Sometimes you really need to have a good think about what is important to you when you define what success means. More often than not, people get swayed by loss of focus and clarity, losing sight of what they actually want and venture into undesired terrains due to comparisons, peer pressure, and superficial demonstration of being successful. The time for this discovery is now or never.

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