Thursday, 4 September 2014

8 indicators of turning point in life

Most of us have lived our lives the way we have, and the plateau, also referred as inertia or homeostasis becomes the way of living for future. We fail to realise that the winds of external change are blowing at their own pace and momentum, that can potentially transform the way we are used to live, unless of course, we know how to adjust to the tailwinds to accommodate these changes. Here are 5 symptoms one can interpret to anticipate and adjust to the silent changes;
1.       Body and mind talk different language: Time to resort to healthier life. Focus on fitness and nutrition.
2.       Losing sense of purpose in what you do; Quickly resort to help in discovering objectives, that are real and fulfilling.
3.       Monotony becomes a routine: Attempt new things, learn, study, travel and recharge.
4.       Losing desire to pursue passions that you always dreamt of: Identify unmerited priorities that consume your time and recreation time.
5.       Unfounded insecurities begin to spike up: Face fears and address them. Write down your goal, speed and direction.
6.       Your inner drive is fuelled by need and not fulfilment; Focus on purpose. Passion will help address this issue.
7.       Talking too much to your own self, and missing points while among people; Relax, let go, decontrol, drop the inhibition of you driving the environment.
8.       Strong desire to pursue multiple priorities together: Bring back focus and assign priority on high impact agenda’s that you may want to pursue.
It is imminent that the mental radars have to be able to detect the signals at the manageable thresholds before they begin to force change you at irretrievable points in life. ( )

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