Wednesday, 3 September 2014

Be your best friend and everyone else will treat you like theirs

We know the importance of complementing other people. It is also very imperative to put yourself in the position whereby you receive the complements.

Are you happy with the way that you dress? If not then buy clothes that will make you feel good. Make other people complement you on your appearance, it will make you feel good.
Are the contents of your car, garage or house show up like a mess? If so, make it spick and span.If I got into your car and there were papers, cans, grit and the like, what do you think this says about your self-esteem. Are you happy with your weight? If so, then fine. If not, then go on an exercise and healthy eating plan.
The level of your self-esteem can either open doors or it can shut them tight. When it comes to those few moments of reckoning in your life - that 20 minute promotion presentation or that 10 minute chat to the Supervisor, you must be at your best and feel at your best so that you can perform at your best.
When you are feeling good about yourself you feel that you can conquer anything. No obstacle is too great; no mountain is too steep to climb.
Your self esteem can be improved by internal (you thoughts) and external (appearance, possessions) factors. To maximize your potential in life you must analyze your SELF-ESTEEM.
Make sure that you are in the position whereby your mind and body are one.
When you have achieved this you will know because you will never have felt anything like it - THE POWER OF A HIGH SELF-ESTEEM AND THE CONFIDENCE TO ACHIEVE ALMOST ANYTHING.

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