Thursday, 11 September 2014

Change or Perish

I was little perturbed this morning by two updates, one about HMT closing down its iconic watch division, a brand many of us grew up with, and, second about an old friend who called to say she was moving on since her ideas were becoming irrelevant to the brand she worked for over 15 years. 
Both had a common hidden message. It was about changing, but more than that, adapting and staying relevant with changing times and environment. I have been recommending a consistent insight with people on evaluating their need to invest on themselves, and on the change they need to undergo on personal, professional or behavioural fronts. Many of us have subconsciously adapted to lifestyle, technology, societal trends over last two decades, and it just goes on. The lifespan of one’s success and relevance depends on how fast and how long we keep adapting.
In fact the law of compounding applies so well to the process of such change. A change initiated today has a much higher value and probability of success than one that begins much later after inflicting irreversible damages over time. So, if you think that you want to change and keep thinking and procrastinating, it will only erode the relevance and efficacy of such change. Now is time to change, if you have anything in mind that you want to change, it is now or never. Write a new story, the moment you think you ought to.

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