Thursday, 25 September 2014

Creating your own clone

Learning is a part and parcel of human growth, and translating learning to action or change, and then a habit over a period of time needs intense effort. I have had an opportunity of observation of people who have great determination, who slip up on either direction, or the magnitude of change they desire to bring in. When asked to recall the slippages (from the set goals.. say losing weight…), most of them either couldn’t even remember or sound near ignorant of the slippage moments. On the other hand, there is this other set of individuals who conscientiously build on the chunks toward larger agenda seem to be extremely vigilant of the journey.

What is very interesting is the fact that those who successfully transcend through this journey are the latter variety. During feedback sessions, they are able to explain every successful or unsuccessful moment. In fact many of them actually maintain a record of what went well and what did not, and articulate it with such conviction that their success is only a matter of time.

I could very clearly see that such people create a clone of their own when they explain such occurrences as if one is able to keenly observe what, when and how are the slippages happening. The issue is not about fool proof precision on change process, as failing on such changes is only human, but it is about superlative ability to stay conscious of such pitfalls and not letting them recur through awareness and control. Those who can create their clones (‘of consciousness’) are more likely to implement changes and break comfort zones.

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