Monday, 8 September 2014

‘Gift a Coach’ this festival

Indians begin celebrating Diwali, the festival of lights, a fortnight later. Traditionally, it is time people think of near and dear ones in their personal spheres, and companies about their employees and staff, for wishing and gifting ideas. It is an occasion no one wants to let go of this opportunity for even that once a year connect in their personal and professional network.

There is this sentiment and emotional energy behind the social connect that makes all to wish and pray for a bright future for everyone. While it’s a ritual to brainstorm over tangible gifting ideas, a truly different and tangential idea could be about gifting a coach to near and dear ones and as a company, to employees that require help in their lives. This could reflect genuine concern that people and companies have towards them, and could potentially be a life changing experience for the recipients. By the results that they generate for themselves, they may remember this unique gift for a long time.

Therefore it may be time to think of close friends and family connections in personal circles, and employees that companies may have concerns about, and the issues that they may need help on. While tangible gifting may have a high ritual value, but, with a shelf life and relevance. A coach can help him generate best suited solutions for a long time and he may remember such a gift for a long time, strengthening relationships and improving his life in its true sense. It could be an amazing HR intervention for corporate too, helping generate belongingness and retention.

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