Monday, 1 September 2014

How do you look at yourself? what's your self Image?

It is vital that one has a lucid picture of how one would like others to see him and what type of person he would like to be.
The self image that a person shows to everyone is the ramification of his internal self-esteem.
How many people have you seen who around with their head down and back crouched?
What do you think this says about their self-esteem? Do you think that they would be able to sell themselves?
Winners present a decorous presence to the world. They are confident, they walk tall, and the winners’ manner lets people know “I am a good person. I deserve to be respected.”
Losers don’t think that appearances are important. They want to be accepted as they are. No matter whether we like it or not, rightly or wrongly, appearances do count for a lot in today’s society.
But it is not what one looks like that counts, its how you feel about what he looks like that will have an effect on his confidence and self-esteem.
In order to maximize one’s potential in life, he must be able to put himself into a position whereby he feels good about himself so that he can radiate the confidence, energy and enthusiasm required to be a success.
Otherwise, there will always be something that will be holding him back - the effects of a low self-esteem.
If one feels good about himself, he will tend to assume that others will also like him and if they believe you are likeable, they share that belief as well.
Until one can love and respect himself, it is impossible to feel confident and assured.
Someone once said: “A man who loveth himself right will do everything else right”
A healthy self image with its associated feelings of competence, confidence and worth is essential in order to make a positive impression on others.
If you feel good about the way that you look and the things that you have got, it is very likely that you will have a high self-esteem.

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