Monday, 1 September 2014

Read this if you are ambivalent about your goals

Lose 10 kg weight
It will give me greater confidence, enhance my self esteem and will make me more attractive
Exercise, proper Diet, Allocating Time, Gym or home, etc
1.       Finding Gym, exercise routines, kit,  frequency
2.       Nutrition
3.       Time Management and organisation

1.       Lose 2 kg per month
2.       Buy 1 new item of clothing each month
3.       Visit gym 4 times per week
4.       Increase distance or resistance each time

Major Goal attained within 5 months xx/xx/2015
X weight in 2 months yy/yy/2015
What’s going well?, What are the results? Do I need to adjust?

Make sure that you write everything down, don’t just commit it to memory.
If you haven’t already started to formulate your goals the exercises reading further may help help you  achieve just that.

For each of your goals brainstorm and write down all of the things you will need to do in order to achieve each goal.
What will you need?
Are you experienced enough?
Who can help?
What will you have to do?
Is there a cost?
Do you need any equipment?
Do you require any capital?

Chunk all of the actions into 3 or 4 main areas and then class these as sub goals and put deadlines on each.
Then, GO FOR IT!
On achievement of these goals it will give you great self-confidence and will set you on your way in achieving that winning habit. It will also put you in the right frame of mind to achieve greater feats.

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