Friday, 12 September 2014

Read this if you want to initiate a change!

To change anything in your life requires self-assurance. As most of us are governed by our internal processes, different people react differently to similar situations.
Though this is not a numerical process in mind, here is an equation that will help you to change anything that you want and to get you to take action! This may help you to understand the forces at play when you are faced with making a decision as to whether changing or doing something is a must or a ‘nice to have’.
The Change Formula
There is a simple equation that you can apply to anything and everything when you are faced with a decision as to whether you want to do something or not. When faced with such a situation I urge you to consider this.

D x V x P > C

Basically, to start with you must be discontented with the present situation.
Here, you must have a vision of the situation or position that you want and why you want it.
Lastly, you must know what will be involved in order for you to change. You need to draw up an action plan of what you need to do.
What will you have to sacrifice in order to change, what will be the costs? Will you have to change your beliefs?
The D x V x P will create your desire to change but you will only change if your desire is greater than the associated costs of changing (C).

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