Saturday, 20 September 2014

The power of silence

We live in the era of noise and it is increasing by the day. Information overload is everywhere. The term ‘Clutter’ is used frequently to describe unnecessary information floating around us. It is this excessive noise that allures and compels people to resort to activities, allocate time and band width, unproductive thinking and open ended effort which are everything but the desired direction and therefore result.

I was motivated to write about this as two closely known people suffer from this ‘distraction syndrome’ and get sucked into anything that comes their way, losing sight of what they want and as if they wouldn’t be seen ‘in action’ if they did not. I do not intend to judge anything though, yet I feel strong relapse of ‘loss of focus’ time and again. Surprisingly, these are those people whose commitments to stay on course seem very strong when guided to be on course.

By silence, I intend to put forth not just physical silence, but the silence enabling focus on the desired direction. I observed a few examples of students with no silent or private study area excelling in studies, and many executives in high stress jobs not losing their internal peace and able to see what they want to stay focused on. More often than not, these are the people who win the battle in the long run and cross barriers with relative ease. Internal silence is very powerful, and so much, that it can build immense, inconceivable force when required through conservation, and focus. I recommend through this blog, an observation of the vibrations during focused negotiation, a pause on a deep conversation between two people or the power generated by an un-inflicted mind. Once our mind learns to observe internal silence, the expansion can be limitless.

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