Wednesday, 10 September 2014

Use your past successes to conquer future

Human mind is attuned to thresholds and it activates emotional, physical and mental energies to the magnitude required in a situation. Think of a high jumper who attempts an inch higher or a sprinter who tries to improve his race completion by fraction of a second for a new record, a student who works to achieve a higher percentile, or for that matter, a sales person who thinks and plans his growth numbers over previous year’s base numbers.
The measurement of such thresholds is utmost important and that hold the key to success and helps define clear benchmarks and direction. It is therefore imminent that in most situations, one has to keep things measurable as much as possible. However, there are many softer situations people confront, that may not have numbers. More often than not, the failure to deal with such situations results into tangible opportunity or real losses.
The recommendation that I intend to make here is to have regular cognizance and reinforcement of the past successes with similar situations in the past that one might have won over. This helps create mental thresholds and enable one’s mind to develop the thoughts around possibility, and preparation for facing such situation. Once the mind latches on to the do-ability aspect, the body and mind gets ready to endure through the situation, and the results are much better. People practicing this well tend to get spectacular results.

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