Monday, 13 October 2014

Five detrimental havocs at a new work place

In this fast paced professional world, most people end up with average 3-6 assignments in their active working tenures. Over the years, I have worked with many such professionals and as a keen observer, tried to assemble the small dispersed fragments of my observations on the most detrimental mistakes people make at their new work place;

1.       Insensitivity towards the change of Industry: Companies across different industries do not work alike. While most organizations work with a view to encourage diversity and assimilation of ‘best practices’, the business model of each industry is bound to be different. It may not be a great idea to compare and view everything with an already conditioned mind. This may only reflect inflexibility and discomfort in a different environment.

2.       Insensitivity towards organizational culture: Each organization has been brought up with deep rooted values, good, bad or ugly over several years. Building an expectation of organization changing for you, or, you changing the organization too fast, at will could be decimate your chances of success with colleagues and the new environment.

3.       Criticizing the legacy that one inherits: All of us inherit some legacy and also leave one behind. While most of us may expect admiration or appreciation on what we leave behind, a majority of people end up criticizing what has been handed over to them at their new work place. More than this, these are extremely unfounded, premature conclusions which are made and communicated in order to re-set the expectations on the starting point.

4.       Pre-conceived notions about their work place : I observed a few unproductively researching on weak areas to be highlighted or identifying ‘tough nuts to crack’ in their initial learning days rather than focusing to know more about the industry, business, comparables with the best in the industry and improvement areas. This only reflects self serving assumptions that begin to condition their minds and shape their perceptions and beliefs. A different reality only ends up being a shocker while the damage is already done. It may be a good idea to look for data for objective judgment.

5.       Focusing on personal engagements: Arriving at a new work place has its own anxieties and new joiners end up managing them by engaging with presumably like- minded people, irrespective of relevance and value of precious learning time, and the opportunity to meet many others at the work place. While comfortable relationships will address initial anxieties, it may be useful to engage and be visible across departments and peer group to be effective, faster than expected.

A new work place is the ramification of one’s effort to get a new opportunity, environment or setting. It is that time to begin completely afresh with no inertia, notions or past experiences. I would recommend that all of us make the most of this occasion and time.

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