Saturday, 4 October 2014

Stop living with these five degenerating myths

Recently, I spoke to about 30 people among my acquaintances and asked them only one question… ‘do you want something to change in your life’.. expectedly I could see an answer in  assent. I did this in order to gauge the percentage of people who, despite a strong urge and a dormant need to change, keep it suppressed and do not act further to seek help. The most common ‘internal justifications’ or myths people resort to are typically:

1.       I can’t change it: The reality is one can, if one decides to.

2.       I do not know how it will be, in an unknown territory once I step into: A change will happen only when one moves from the status quo.

3.       Time is not right to begin and I will wait: Good time shall never happen by procrastinating. There are advantages of beginning early, in all walks of life.

4.       It is not worthwhile putting in resources (Time/energy, effort, money): Nothing moves without effort and commitment. Once need and ways to bring about a change are bought into, go whole hog to reap disproportionate gains from the requisite change.

5.       My time for learning is over: In fact the time for learning is never over. Without learning, one begins degenerating. It is a sure shot recipe for obsolescence.

The need is to seek professional help and look out for an agent of change who can help you sail through these transitions. It is necessary to recognize and be aware if one is telling these lies to himself. I always argue the concept of ‘Compounding’ and ‘Opportunity cost’ in one’s life. It signifies the time advantage by your side if positive changes are brought in earlier and minimizing relative loss by taking the right foot forward. I wish to embark upon these concepts a little more in my next blog. Meanwhile, wish all of you a very happy Dussehra, and wish that all of us kill the evil forces inside us and let the pure soul prevail.

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