Wednesday, 5 November 2014

Bitten by entrepreneurship bug? Read on..

Entrepreneurship is a reality for most professionals who have grown beyond or ‘outgrown’ their professional roles with their employment. For some, it is early and for others, it may be little late. The issues relate to compensation, affordability of employers, ‘recycling’ that most organizations undergo to refresh their philosophy and inculcate new ideas, and beyond everything else, ageing that most professionals naturally undergo. It may sound as a brutal reality but that is how organizations shed old skin and build a new one.  The exceptions are only ones who continue to grow at organic pace and employment remains a satisfier.

Many like to fiddle with this idea when they are doing fine with professional assignments, and for many of such people it is about non alignment of ambition/aspiration with job roles, or intellectual evolution that catapults them to explore their own potential, seeking freedom to practice their own will with ideas.

 I keep hearing the intent to begin on their own from majority of professionals but nearly 90% of them remain intents and are never backed up by solid planning or determination. I wish to address this one to those falling into this category.

Entrepreneurship has risk, but it is not necessarily about a binary gamble. It is about an idea relevant to time, perseverance, belief and value creation. It is therefore possible to mitigate at least some risk before one takes a plunge. For this purpose it is important to ‘plan’ the venture well in advance and make some basic preparations. While in this post, I leave many of you with this idea, I would surely highlight some of my thoughts in my next blog. I would in the meantime like to hear some ideas on

So long, I await some that you may have.

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