Thursday, 11 December 2014

Began thinking of another new year… and resolutions?

It has been nearly customary to think, plan and resolve to some commitments as if the dates would turn inauspicious if one did not do it. It is more of a social declaration to make sure that the world knows about what one is going to do next, and as if that would make it happen. These resolutions range from losing weight, being punctual, exercising, to committing to some positive progress in life.

 The reality check will show that nearly all resolutions get shattered within first ten days of the New Year. A few of them see the light of the day but not for the fact that they were taken on a specific date, but for sheer strength of commitment and strength of motivational drive.

Just some food for thought, if a change was necessary, why should it wait another 20 days from this day? Hasn’t it waited enough for the need to grow stronger and direr? It is time to begin and commit to those goals today, and take concrete steps towards them, right away. Need is to have the right attitude, commitment and resources in place, while the earlier two are internal, the latter is external. The need of the hour is to look out for professional help, break inhibitions and collate all that is required to propel one towards the goals.

Only calendars or resolutions never changed anything. Intents give a good feeling, but no propulsion, as majority of individuals fall flat on execution when the drive weakens or dies. This is a call for all those who are waiting for change of another calendar year for changing their lives. Get up and get going. If the resolve has drive, direction, execution and measurement, nothing can stop one from hitting goals, time after time. ( )

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