Friday, 26 December 2014

Commit yourself to success

Of late I have had this realization that some clients keen on my professional services, had vague imageries of what they wanted to do, not just one, but directionally opposite goals and kept fluctuating between them on priorities. Some excitedly wanted to begin but disappeared. During the pre-emptive discussion, the low intensity of commitment was visible as the responses were weak, while the enthusiasm to move forward was quite evident.

If the need for change is felt, it is inevitable that the drive has to be backed up by commitment. On whichever side, but one has to make a choice, and move ahead. Imagine a weight loss program fizzling out on day 5 either by weakening routine or undisciplined eating habits relapsing. Without commitment, the drive will only have a limited life, resulting into procrastination, ignorance and lack of forward movement. In fact I pro-actively suggest my clients to take up the coaching effort only when they are ready to commit themselves.

The discomfort of moving the existing position always has the opportunity of a positive change that can open the doors for individuals. Once the realization is strong, one must commit himself towards the cause and reap disproportionate benefits. ( )

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