Monday, 22 December 2014

Cut the clutter and make more of life

A lot of people carry around with them a lot of undesired “baggage” or “clutter” in their minds.

When I say this I mean that they are still holding onto things that they say they should do but don’t, the person who they had a row with but both are not speaking to each other – but both want to, the could’s and should’s in your life that hold you back – you need to let go, but you don’t.

These people carry around with them a lot of emotional attention that you could be doing without and focusing on something more productive instead! Are you like this? If the answer is Yes, I would like you to rethink deeply, it had a negative influence on your confidence and self esteem.

Think about the following;

  1. Things that you are putting up with ; at home office or work, and those that can be given up.
  2. The WIP (Work in progress); unfinished, unresolved, pending or waiting for clarification, things that can be completed faster for closure. Avoid could’s, would’s, should’s, maybe, ought’s as you can to the most.
  3. Listing your standards; Your self defined new benchmarks of how would you like to take in and process the future tasks, on quantity, time and quality. Think of idols you follow !!

Life runs at its own pace, not waiting for your resolution. Remove clutter and breath and do more. ( )

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