Wednesday, 24 December 2014

Discover the Santa in you

On the occasion of Christmas, I wish all a great time full of fun and frolic.

This is one day where all of us invoke the Santa within us, one that is capable of blessing us with many gifts that we inherited as human beings. A powerful and pervasive mind, our cognitive abilities, our unending quest for happiness, the mindfulness to decide our goals, the course, and the destination. Conceptual and experiential learning that equips us with a compass that helps us navigate our path, the capability and rationale to understand the right and wrong for ourselves, and sail through the complexity of balancing diverse spheres we live in and continue the tight rope walk.

May every day of this journey be full of enjoyment and happiness. May we be more of ourselves than others. May we relish and improve every moment that we have, and eliminate regrets. May we become better individuals than ever before, each day. Its about discovering every day, and which day other than Christmas is more appropriate to discover that Santa within you !! Merry Christmas!! And, Thank you Santa for timing your trip this morning, as I write my 50th blog. Merry Christmas !!

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