Tuesday, 23 December 2014

Having holistic view of work or business

I come across professionals and entrepreneurs who keep complaining about what they do, business or work. What started as a dream job or business startup, seems to be turning into a nightmare in their explanations.

Probing deep makes it obvious that their approach to work actually changes over time. What used to be a passion or a dream, becomes an addiction, energy gets sucked up by routines and monotony, fulfillment begins to build inertia, larger dream is killed by myopia. Imbalance between social, emotional, financial, health, family, professional and spiritual spheres causes havoc over time and dissatisfaction, worthlessness, and loss of direction become imminent and require urgent attention before they have serious implications.

Most begin with a goal that keeps swelling in size but is rarely reviewed on balance and quality. For instance, most commonly, Professionals chase growth and money; entrepreneurs chase scale and varying benchmarks, realistic or unrealistic. The other facets of their individual entity are either consistently ignored, or take a back seat. In majority of cases, even the cognizance and acceptance of the issues with them faces internal resistance. As a coach I see only those people making significant progress, who successfully overcome this resistance.

It may be a good idea to keep looking at goals over time, and continue to have a holistic view of what one wants. Growth is about being holistic, and that is the key to happiness. ( www.thegrowthevangelist.com )

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