Friday, 12 December 2014

Making the best of collective judgement

Organizations across the world have experienced success when they have had diversity, and in fact, most organizations with truly global thinking are strongly biased towards building it in their DNA. The core purpose of formation of groups, task forces or committees is to assimilate the diverse viewpoints to churn out best solutions. Organizations have experienced high success rates when panels have been deployed for selection of senior talent.

The point that I am trying to put forth here is simple, it is about the organizational culture to accept and make use of collective judgement to best of its potential. A large cross section of organizations display high power play, politics and dysfunctional group dynamics that leads to suppression of views, ‘group think’ and defensive approach by the group participants. This results in completely disastrous environment and ulterior actions by the team members. While such organizations may not display any construct or structural issues, they are likely to have continual swarm of negativity and disengagement that becomes difficult to diagnose for its complexity and ‘informal’ and undesired processes.

In order to benefit from diversity, it is important to create a free and fertile environment for airing viewpoints and exchange of ideas. In fact it may be even better to encourage and motivate people to think surreal. This not only helps organizations become innovative, but also avoid crisis like situations by confronting with best possible solutions, and remain relevant to its markets and customers for a longer horizon. ( )

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