Saturday, 13 December 2014

Planning to change? Think of the power of compounding..

The concept of compounding is drawn from the world of finance. Wizards preach this to investors and advise them to begin investing early, even if that means smaller sums regularly. I wish to draw a parallel to the world of learning, and changing.
I wrote about resolutions couple of days ago, and I did talk about the weakening drives that bring people back to square one. I wish to now harp a bit on ‘procrastination’ which sends people off guard whenever they think of changing, improving or taking a new position from their state of homeostasis. The inertia keeps building up all the time and the discomfort of leaving their ‘current’ comfort zone becomes a barrier to change.
Many a times, the times elapsed before initiating a change becomes so irrelevant that most either take a step forward and return to earlier behaviours, or the change is made bit too late to fetch desired results in the context of time. Think of practical examples around us, the need to lose weight before entering the risk zone, balancing work life to manage stress, investing time and energy on succession at business, diagnosing a disease early, reacting to markets at the right time (Already thinking KODAK or WALKMAN?) have their own advantages and the results are much more disproportionately rewarding.
I urge that we quickly begin thinking of such most needed changes around us, or at least start identifying those as the first step. Think of habits you want to quit, recover focus on key areas of life, take decisions head on and with rationale than delaying them, build goals and begin with an end in mind, or take inevitable calls before they change you.
I strongly recommend that professional help is sought on various areas to sometimes even help knowing what and why needs to be changed. A change initiated today, even with some rate of failures will impel us forward and fetch much higher dividends. In context of time this builds up to grow, and compound on those who successfully transit into their new world of possibilities and abundance. 

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