Tuesday, 16 December 2014

Ten signs of a burnout

The world around us is growing increasingly competitive, leading to stress and anxiety as one keeps grappling with uncertainties all around. Long, and sustained pursuits at work, be it business or job, chasing business or career growth, profitability, scale and size, or financial security slowly and subtly begin impacting the overall well being for individuals. Initially, the symptoms are bleak and most overcome or ignore them, till they gain insurmountable strength. Here are a few tell tale signs of what can be called a burnout;

1.       Going to work does not excite anymore; It’s a daily ritual and a steep climb.

2.       Actions at work place begin to get driven by routine responses than fun. Neutrality and indifference towards work, people, or tasks.

3.       Loss of confidence and self image; Dissatisfaction with self, on ability, potential, negative self portrayal with self projected unreal reference points.

4.       Low sense of achievement at work place, and ridiculing/underplaying good work by others.

5.        Professional and personal spheres begin to affect each other. Attributing personal worries on work and vice versa frequently.

6.       Physical health indicators like insomnia, elevated glucose or blood pressure levels, indigestion, stress eating and gaining weight etc..

7.       Brooding, without acting on reference frames; Remaining dissatisfied, but not clarifying through exchange of communication. Getting opinionated within. Yet not looking at alternative satisfiers or motivators.

8.       Loss of communication or sudden outbursts; Limiting communication to essential but not sufficient levels. Fluctuating responses like anger, emotional outburst or reactions to usual stimuli at work place.

9.       Performance begins to slide; Almost similar to a heated engine, the efficiency begins to come down.

10.   Insensitivity towards self; One most common sign most people nearing burnout exhibit. Inflicting pain and distress on self, not enjoying breaks, workaholic tendencies characterize such phase.

It is extremely important to take cognizance of these symptoms and get professional assistance to manage and correct them well in time for a better physical and emotional health and wellness. These are times when one needs to stop, and have a complete rethink on the goals, path and destinations before it gets too late. After all, life is a journey to be enjoyed at every milestone, than a blind dash towards irrelevant goals. ( www.thegrowthevangelist.com )

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