Wednesday, 10 December 2014

The need to reinvest on Life 3.0

Most recently, I have been deeply thinking about the concept of life 3.0, as most of the senior managers and entrepreneurs I speak to; inadvertently talk about a void around mid life. Although most do not aptly articulate it, but the undertone is around rediscovering their own selves, resetting their course for the life ahead. I call it life 3.0 basis, the first part spent as learner, followed by the second, as high achievement oriented practitioner which sooner or later begins to pose a question on life 3.0.

I have used the ‘resetting’, as life 3.0 is a new beginning that starts with newer horizons, goals and priorities. It somewhat relates to what conventional wisdom talks about, actualization, with a difference that this is still a stage to acquire knowledge for remaining relevant in fiercely competitive world for upcoming phase of life.

I meet senior executives and entrepreneurs who continuously keep pressing snooze button on the obvious ‘alarms’ that they get from time to time, even within themselves. Success either eludes them, or remains another dead milestone without happiness, inner motivation begins to see new lows, and the routine eventually enslaves them, drifting them away from their destinations and goals.
This is the time I strongly recommend, for re-calibrating the compass, and taking stock of where one wants to go. This is the time, a good coach is essential, when one cannot come out of the situation himself, with his resources and well in time. This is the time to reconcile that what brought one up to this point, may not propel him for future course of journey. This is the time where one needs to go beyond the boundaries of conceptual and experiential modes of learning, and take up self discovery to define goals, path and destination of the journey…and this is the time to REINVEST in Life 3.0. ( )

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