Sunday, 14 December 2014

Thinking of change? Applying ‘Separate entity’ concept..

The first lesson that is taught in commerce curriculums is the separate entity concept that assumes that companies or businesses have a completely different entity or identity even other than owners or shareholders.

Be it entrepreneurs or executives, the most common phenomenon that remains grossly unnoticed is ‘attachment’ or identification with businesses or jobs. This is one sure step to longer term concerns wherein businesses and jobs begin enslaving them and their individual identities are affected. Emotions and personalities begin driving businesses and business objectives take a back seat.

People tend to argue strongly about their passion at jobs or businesses and they increasingly enjoy it, and own it as ‘their’ creation. While this argument walk the edge, the reality is that their being and style begins to dominate the business calls and subtly cause sustained damage to the entities.
The point I am putting forth is for individuals to look at lives in a ‘holistic’ perspective wherein business or work is a part of a much larger being, and being appreciative of the fact helps in building more sustainable and balanced lives for them as well as help keep businesses in ship shape with their own entity, unaffected in the long run by who operates them. ( )

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