Thursday, 18 December 2014

Why constructive feedback works

Constructive feedback enables us to give honest, and sometimes, “tough messages” to those with whom we work. 

However, instead of insulting, shutting-down others, or alienating those who receive the feedback, and thus lowering their morale and their resulting productivity, it motivates them to ask for help, and acknowledge a skill or competency deficiency, while feeling supported and respected. 

Two of the most important factors influencing employee retention/satisfaction are:  “great boss,” and “feeling part of a team” (Hay Group Study on retention).  Constructive feedback, because it is delivered out of respect and a genuine desire for the individual to improve, accomplishes both. 

Providing feedback, in this way, enables you to build the competency and cohesiveness of your team, while effectively managing performance issues.  It also enables you to remain respected, well liked, and overall, considered “a great boss.” Make sure that the rapport and mutual dependency which are basics for the relationship are in place before constructive feedback is initiated. ( )

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