Sunday, 11 January 2015

Facing headwinds? Think of chunking

Most businesses face headwinds when faced with the challenge of scaling up, and attribute the same to market, people or product issues. I reality, many of these are approach issues. The way business issues are viewed into smaller chunks, viz.. segments, sub segments or functions can make significant impact on the performance, easing out the resistance and improving focus.

I have been aiding a client on building a business friendly information system that incorporates chunking as approach and is likely to relieve him of superficial view of business, yet seeding in a culture of detailing at all levels. Managing a larger picture using sum of the parts approach always expands the value of the individual parts, and fires up multiple smaller engines aiding growth. Also this approach throws up an opportunity to identify small but strategic issues that may require attention at times. The devil does lie in detail.

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