Thursday, 1 January 2015

First day of 2015 – Make a positive start

New Year holidays are over and it is time to be back at work. Just a quick reminder of the 5 C’s, nearly everyone would have resolved to, starting today;

  1. Clutter free work desk: A day to clean up your work desk, honestly entrust yourself to maintain a new diary that reminds you of focus on dates, time management and pave your way to new beginning.
  2. Communicate: Reinforce relationships, wish all those who have been missed out at work. Good to reach out and greet with warmth. Have a word with your teams and supervisor and build bridges.
  3. Collaborate: Pledge to working in teams and co-create. This is the start line and it is easier to begin that way. This will be a seamless success sutra for a long time in future. Co-creation will help drive results for everyone.
  4. Complete: It may be a good day to look at listing out pendency’s and assign a schedule to have a sense of closure.
  5. Commit:  Ensure becoming a sincere part of the larger team and organizational goal and carve out your contributions formally and informally. This will help set your professional direction.

Happy first day of 2015!! Set yourself for success!! ( )

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