Monday, 5 January 2015

Using experiences as propellants

I conceived this thought after meeting up with an extremely successful entrepreneur, who, during an exploratory session, talked about his positive and extremely negative experiences ranging from his childhood to his successful time. I could sense passion, purpose and high magnitude of his drive.

Unintentionally, I began comparing this with many of those with much lower drive despite much higher ambition, leading to over committing and under delivering. Here are the effects of using past experiences if one can master the art with a positive intent;

  1. Experiences help you cut short; using them in the right context as filters, they can help take logical short cuts, leading to faster goal attainment.
  2. Experiences build a sense of urgency; they are great starting points that have the potential to build high momentum or “blast off”, and help overcome procrastination.
  3. Experiences help you build a yardstick; one can set new benchmarks and norms of performance, and thus a competitive spirit. They help people define the purpose and meaning for choosing a destination.
  4. Experiences grow you as a person; those who learn to use both positive and negative experiences constructively, reinforce success, or course correct while navigating their path to success. And here is a fine line, and a caution; these should not become overpowering drivers that deviate people from their course.
    There are no mistakes, only learning’s. There are no negative experiences, only opportunities to grow and flourish. So, use your experiences as fuel that can propel you forward, and enjoy the process of evolution. ( )

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