Thursday, 26 February 2015

5 behaviours indicating your teams are diluting accountability

Majority understands ‘Drivers’ and ‘Executers’ as two categories of people in the organizational terminology. It is a common misnomer that drivers get work done with those who execute, or, are expected to execute. A subtle blind spot that most supervisors get into is actually contrary to this. While this has direct correlation with the skills of Managers, the reporting teams at group or individual level slowly learn to get supervisors involved to dilute accountability. Here are the five classical things teams do to suck you up without conscious realization, and co-own accountability;

  1. Defer – ‘We are on it’. ‘So much work is already done or in pipeline, seek your views’. Presenting half cooked information. A classical strategy to buy time.
  2. Switch Accountability – ‘Someone (supplier, department, individual) in the chain did not do it’, seek your ‘intervention’. The moment one intervenes, he begins to co own the task.
  3. Seeking guidance – If you are a supervisor with tendency to take on everything, or keep course correcting all the time, you had it. Clarity on expectation and method is possible to download in one detailed meeting before starting a task.
  4. Repeated clarifications- Not seeking clarity in first go. Letting time go, and buy time. It is a new window that begins every time clarification happens.
  5. Back benching – Not proposing voluntarily to take the baton unless invited to do so. Unless one is good with delegation, it is tough to assign tasks.
  6. Posing Despondent – ‘Everything bad happening to me’. While adroit managers sense it and deal with it, sensitive managers flow with it and begin confusing between empathy and sympathy, involving themselves with his area. It is skill building that is important than accepting sulking under emotional bouts.
    This becomes important as most supervisors like to play ‘father figure’, and ignore rationale under the circumstances. Balance between support and challenge is important in the long term, and that may require some skill building in managers and entrepreneurs. Connetct on +919893222222, or visit if you intend to kno more about accountability issues at your work, business or company.

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