Sunday, 1 February 2015

Being an omnibus entrepreneur or manager?

Over the years, legacy and experiential learning results into classic conflict of do or delegate. While the backdrop, context and scale continues to change, the belief that none other than self can do a perfect job creeps in and hardens. Delegating gives nightmares, disbelief in others capabilities leads to frequent dissatisfaction in working relationships and trust.

It is common to see second generation entrepreneurs and senior executives facing this menace and it doesn’t require hazarding the guess that they get into severe issues of being overburdened, burnt out, and always run short of time. Enslaved by businesses, detaching becomes very difficult. Beyond this, the side effects of doing everything by themselves are also quite perilous and upset the applecart. It becomes important to take cognizance of this dysfunctional phenomenon and resolve before it gets serious. These are the perils of being there and done that.

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