Sunday, 22 February 2015

Do not let despondence devastate your self

Having interacted informally with a client of mine, I have been getting weak signals of his need for help even over a whatsapp chat. Having met him after some time, I realized that he was unsuccessfully trying to cover up and pose as if everything was fine, and even assuring me of recommending my services to the client ‘who may need it’. After my presentation, he subtly mentioned that he is passing through a bad patch, yet not completely opening up about his need to explore an engagement.

There may be many such individuals who are bottled up similar to this case, while the need is to seek out and ask for help. While some believe they are fine, they can do it by themselves and their resources, others have some auspicious day, or month on calendar to begin. More than anything else, such people have to overcome fear of change, and the demands such change may require. Remaining in a state of inertia or denial only makes things steeper, deteriorating self esteem and self worth, building undue negativity. I strongly recommend that one initiates a change than responding or reacting to what is likely to happen later.

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