Wednesday, 25 February 2015

Encouraging comfort with conflict

Irrespective of their size and scale, organizations develop indolence towards the quality and sameness of ideas, innovations, styles and modus operandi of its leadership and execution teams. As teams mature and experience grows, the dysfunctional facets begin to emerge and they get uglier with time. Their diagnosis gets tougher as they get into capillary functions of the organizations. Accepted for comfort by leaders, learnt and sown down to the lowest levels by the execution teams for its ‘cultural’ inheritance value, it gets into a malignant zone to be managed.

Successful corporations consciously build a culture where diversity of views and sometimes with higher intensity of logical dissent and disagreement are not just built and accepted, but also encouraged. The benefits are enormous, ranging from being anti-inertia to independent thinking at all levels. The organizations in volatile state of intellect are more likely consistently churn radical innovation and efficiencies. Small or large, if your organization is undergoing something like this, it may be a great time to look out for intervention with professional help. If you believe in culture as a long term driver of success and seek help, call +919893222222 or visit

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