Monday, 9 February 2015

Think twice before asking for an ‘advice’

In closely held societies, it is common to depend on their networks. In even strongly knit groups like that of friends or office colleagues, it is but expected that people ‘pro-actively’ advise their mates on various issues. This comes completely ‘free of cost’, informal, devoid of details, and without any accountability for results. Nothing against having or listening to these suggestions, yet unsolicited advice may cause more damage than solving any issues.

The situation worsens when people begin to proactively seek advice on important issues in life, the results of which have considerable impact on their lives, like career, relationships, emotional hardships, family, health or personal finances. The ever approachable friends, colleagues or relatives may be great people to bank on, yet they might be superficial, casual, and may not essentially reflect or suggest options that are best suited to the seekers, thereby worsening the situation for them. This is similar to visiting a physician rather than resorting to self medication or casual suggestions on the subject.

It is always best for people to arrive their own solutions that are best suited to them, and that requires discovering those solutions. This may require professional assistance at times. This requires strong will, commitment, attitude and trusted professional resource to help one through the journey. Visit ( ) or write to us in complete confidence on 

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