Thursday, 19 March 2015

Living the threat of professional extinction?

Professional careers are all about success and growth. Organizations as business entities expect profitability and utilization of talent individuals have. It is a mutually convenient relationship, of course, managed professionally or otherwise depending on the organizational values. Under limited resources, differentiation is the key and therefore Parato becomes relevant, disproportionately rewarding performers while others grow at an average. Employees hanging around and waiting to grow on seniority and exoerience become extremely vulnerable to professional extinction.

It is important for professionals to keep an eye on their growth, in terms of earning, learning and getting meaty assignments over time. On-going career stints with high effort low result, sub-optimal achievements on KRS’s, poor supervisor relationship and trust, barely inflationary or lower financial growth, growing stress across all spheres, and, detachment at workplace and lack of commitment and ownership are classic signs when executives need a quick bout of help. There is a need to re-calibrate direction, speed and goals one wants to achieve.

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