Tuesday, 24 March 2015

You think success happens with resources? read on..

Inertia or homeostasis is the first block in any process of change and requires significant effort to break. Once the process of change begins, it needs to be supported by committing time, effort and resources. There are ubiquitous examples where people commit resources, while the drive to stay committed on time and effort dies down sooner than we think, resulting in failure to execute.

Think of a weight loss effort, committing an expensive gym membership but failing to turn up regularly. Sports freaks (??) buying expensive equipment but hardly using them and many more examples like that may be cited. Therefore the culprit is attitude towards change. It is paradoxical to see individuals succeeding under paucity of resources, while massive failures happen despite committed resources. In reality, the magnitude, order, threshold, consistency and time required for the change effort are significantly important in building success. Resources are important but do not always solely drive the process of change. Individuals who strike gestalt with this reality are more likely to achieve greater success. Need to know more about initiating big changes, or seeking better results? Visit www.thegrowthevangelist.com or call  +91 9893222222.

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