Wednesday, 15 April 2015

Managing disengaged leadership

There is enough empirical evidence that suggest a direct correlation between performance and engagement. The measurement of engagement levels has been  quite a widely accepted methodology that reflects upon the organizational consensus on the prevalent conditions at work, on both hygiene and motivational aspects. While the measurement does suggest areas that require attention, it is important to strategically build the culture that permanently helps build engagement through high impact points in the structure, that is, at leadership levels.

I have had a chance to look at engagement across levels in various organizations, and the most explosive situation I ever saw was high disengagement levels at the leadership level itself, while the engagement score were comparatively high at lower levels in the organization. This is but a clear indicator of a simmering disaster and evident foreseeable consequences. High attrition, indifference with talent, high inertia and bureaucracy,politics, inability to attract, silo's, and misdirected effort are just few consequences to be seen. Flattening growth curve, either indecision or decisions at snails pace, confusion across levels and complete erosion of innovation and lateral thinking have added to the weak culture of such organizations.

The prognosis is simple. Thought leadership is clearly missing, and so is ownership and onus to translate vision (if there was one), into reality  Ambiguity and mediocrity had grown into the DNA, and turned malignant. Leadership has to have, non negotiably,high impact on the culture and therefore, engagement, and for enabling that, their own engagement is of supreme importance. It is high time the organizations begin to scan the early signs of leadership disengagement and ensure professional intervention to ensure clawing back to higher engagement levels. 

Leadership has high potential to positively or negatively impact the organizational culture, and it needs to be recognized well in time. It is imperative that the senior leadership must get professional inputs for development.
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