Saturday, 4 April 2015

Respecting your resolve

Most individuals commit to a change and make resolutions after enormous effort, and overcoming mental and attitudinal barriers. The journey that begins with very high energy and momentum, soon begins to slow down, only to find its death, sooner in some, or little longer in other cases. Practically, success rate is as low as 15-20% among self driven people, while an improved 50% success rate is achieved among people with stronger resolve and professional help at regular intervals.

Failure in realizing results from sometimes life changing resolutions has strong correlation to some key attributes;

1. Not being true to oneself - people often lie to themselves and begin pursuing what they are not sure about.
2. Not committing time to initiatives - thinking that once rolled out, initiatives will auto complete themselves.
3. Not reviewing progress - resolutions begin to skid down for immeasurability and progress destroyed faster.
4. Not deploying enough resources or banking too much on them - resources alone cannot suffice.
5. Not seeking professional help - hesitating, not trusting, or undermining professional help proves disastrous.
6. Trivializing the significance of initiatives - No sooner one loses sight of significance of result, failure happens.
7. Not living, breathing and thinking of a resolution almost certainly dilutes focus and energy towards any initiative

Consistent professional help is most helpful in sticking to resolutions in all walks of life, and it does require a trustworthy professional to negotiate through the decisions people make towards their life goals. Looking for some major life changing resolutions, visit or call +91 9893222222

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