Thursday, 2 April 2015

The menace of procrastination

As human beings, our most desired state to be in, is our comfort zones, that are byproduct of the patterns we develop. This is a state where a self defined, harmonious, risk reward proposition is developed leading to inertia or resistance to change.

Think of most like effort like result situations in any walk of life. Despite urgent need for chage staring at their face, people end up either ridiculing it, keeping the action reserved for some auspicious time in future, or believe they have a choice. In reality, this is a recipe for a disaster, leading to obsolescence, irrepairable damage, or at the least, loss of opportunity for a positive change for future.

It is common to keep self defeating excuses for no initiating such, sometimes urgent change, such as; 

1. I am better than someone, 
2. I can do it myself later, 
3. starting on an auspicious day shall be a good idea, 
4. let everythin else get favorable and in perfect shape to support this change, 
5. why rock the boat, 
6. no one is doing it so why should I, 
7. I will do it within(unreasonable tiring deadlines), or 
8. what's happening is unfair to me.
9. Let it happen, then I will respond

This has holistic implications, and one wonders how he is underperforming on different facets of life. It may be relevant to propagate rapid identification and timely response to such needs for change. Struggling to initiate such changes on any front? Need to know how and what needs to be done for a positive and firm forward movement, visit or call 9893222222.

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