Saturday, 25 April 2015

The power of incongruence

Pro-action to build adaptability to any change always confronts resistance as the first barrier, since, as human beings, we find solace and peace in our comfort zones. Mentally, physically, emotionally and even physiologically we typify such propensities. Consider some practical examples from daily lives;

  1. We think we can manage to do something well, and continue with sameness, building a pattern and restrict dexterity. Irrelevant beliefs, lack of innovative or different thinking, and predictable responses result into plateaued results.
  2. We repeat same routines in physical effort, say exercising, only to discover we are stuck and not moving forward with weight loss, or stamina.
  3. We find it comforting to adjust with deteriorating relationships, and sometimes unproductive relationships just because we have been with them for long, and never thought of re-calibrating them, or thinking of developing new ones.
  4. Patterned diet programs with no or little room for variation, tend to build metabolic inertia, and we lose adaptability to cope up with any change to such routines.

It is therefore imminent that incongruence is inevitable part of growth journey. In order to keep some discomfort by design, newer, different, higher gradient thinking and ideation (incongruent in short) is important to induce adaptation and growth. There are examples of organizations that have cultivated incongruent thinking for innovation, and many individual examples of success in personal transformation, sports, and levels of inner awakening.

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