Wednesday, 6 May 2015

Ridicule: The biggest barrier to change

I have been wondering for last few years, recalling many I knew, and what has been the common thread that was visible among a vast majority. It took me to arrive at only one word, and that is “Ridicule”. This is one such negative behaviour that tries to run down someone else’s efforts or results and dilutes it by creating a pre-conceived perceptual block to avoid break their internal inhibitions. These may be out of complexes, insecurities or comfort zones, that people tend to oversee the results of being appreciative of any such interpersonal opportunities.

Such dysfunction tends to build a strong and sticky wall as a barrier to learning and change, even if were to be beneficial for such individuals. These become repetitive reactions and many a times, knowing that ridiculing shall not do any good, they still end up ridiculing, for, their subconscious minds get trained to respond like that.

It is common to see this behaviour through casual body language, overconfidence, avoidance and pre-matured judgement or inferences. It is imperative to be mindful of such sticky behaviours and work consciously to manage them well in time before they begin to inflict damage to overall personality. Want to know more and willing to work on it? Call 9893222222 or visit

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