Wednesday, 3 June 2015

Exterminating dysfunctional behaviours

As humans, we like homeostasis, any change in the way we behave, live, or respond is a pattern unique to each individual. Many a people discover implications of such sticky behaviors, and also develop conviction to change them. A drive that begins at a high magnitude slowly dies down or weakens, unless it is tied up with accountability and strong motivation in the individual. It may be realistic to understand that these are difficult to change.


These limiting behaviours develop over a long time, and having tasted success in a different context, become comfort zones with hardened beliefs. It is only a matter of time that they tend to become obsolete, but more and more difficult to change with passage of time and change of context.


While dealing with such stubborn subconscious behaviors, people tend to make a good start but only those, who attain threshold on their effort, succeed. These behaviors are like a nail being pulled out of magnetic field, and unless it crosses the effect of magnetic field successfully, it gets haunted and affected by the magnetic field. Most people lose on the change effort midway due to complacence, inertia, overconfidence, self-diagnosis and ridicule. This failure causes complete reversal or relapse, and in most cases, worse than before.


Keeping faith, accountability, willingness, professional help and self- discipline are necessary to stay on course, and it is imminent that one makes effort with very high integrity when one decides to begin.


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