Tuesday, 30 June 2015

Patience – an essential virtue for change

“It is easier to find men who would volunteer to die, than to find those who are willing to endure pain with patience” – Julius Caesar

It is common to see people exhibiting extreme comportments. Some do not care, or dare, to change till something externally forces them to change, while the others who are anxious for change and expect to change behaviours faster than anything they have done in life. While the former do not initiate actions at all waiting for the self-defined ‘opportune’ time, the latter apparently start very fast (with or without ‘action’, or ‘doing’), searching for short cuts and facing disappointments, only to give up on the change effort.

Learning is a slow process, and in coaching one attempts to change sticky behaviours and patterns developed over time that have been rehearsed, reinforced and lived with, for long time. They are tried, tested and considered ever relevant as they pierce into comfort zones, and become what we call, beliefs. It is extremely important to be patient with change, and that requires conscious effort, consistent determination, high awareness, measurement and self- control. Change breaks comfort zones, causes discomfort in many aspects (Physical, mental, emotional, social and sometimes financial) and pushes one back very hard towards the comfort zone, which is backward movement.

Only those who can be patient and persevere through the process of change can successfully change or replace the pre-existing subconscious programs. Change takes time. Accepting reality and setting realistic goals certainly keeps one on track, and not lose sight of the greener pastures in the result zone. It is only the effort zone that people need to navigate with perseverance and practice.

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