Friday, 12 June 2015

The power of accountability

Most people who succeed in their initiatives, have one thing in common, and that is accountability. Being responsible and answerable to the end result is something that keeps them on track and make course correction, while staying put and persevering on the task.

Simplest example is an alarm that gives a wakeup call every morning, reinforcing need to get up and stick to a routine morning task, say a walk, or exercise. Even on the days when people feel lazy, this follows and there are high chances that one sticks to the routine. Such behaviour is learnt over a period of time and gets ingrained as a new program, and that slowly builds up into a new habit of getting up well in time even if the alarm doesn’t ring.

All self- initiated, self- diagnosed or self- driven change initiatives fail, as, accountability to self gets soon overtaken by the powerful force within, the comfort zone. It is for this reason, accountability partners are required in most areas, be it health, finances, professional, behavioural or life change. Managers/Supervisors become accountability centres in companies while entrepreneurs choose their accountability centres within or outside of families.

The rationale is simple, which is to commit to an initiative, commit to hold yourself accountable to ‘someone’. Who is that someone, is a matter of trust, choice and his competence. Unless this accountability keep one on track, and keep his culpability on results, change initiatives are more likely to slip and move away from the desired direction.

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