Friday, 5 June 2015

The swamp of external expectations

I meet quite a few entrepreneurs and executives putting their happiness at stake, living year after year in the mould that they never wanted to, from their inner self. The pretence of wellness costs them dear on their social, financial, professional, spiritual and health fronts. The culprit is not their skill or competence, but lack of their willingness to action what they think is good for them, for the sake of posturing to the external world, and exhibiting their ‘Control’.


This transition is not sudden in most, but a result of years of subtle submission to competition with external world, or finding emotional security amidst the applause over time. Unknowingly, people get sucked into it. This begin to build a concrete wall of these self-learnt, and constantly reinforced/rehearsed behaviours, that become very tough to break even they are contextually inappropriate. They resemble swamps, where, the more one tries to escape, the deeper one sinks. Inertia looms large on decisions that are internally desired or driven.


They are not damaging only at individual level, but they affect organizations as silent killers of culture, efficiency and eventually, results. Very low or no attrition, legacy heavy structures and innovation devoid cultures are tell-tale signs of managing external expectations, both within and outside the organizations. These can prove to be fatal in the long run to the intellectual, cultural and financial health of the organizations.

The biggest barrier to coming out of such situations is self- inflicted ‘ego’ and resistance to accepting the reality under external pressures. Only those, who have an ability to be themselves, and reconcile with their inner self, stand a chance to win over and discover their happier inner self. For professional help, visit or call +91 9893222222

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